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Submitted on
August 22, 2005
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I don't stand a chance.

That's what I thought while I was
          climbing the stairs to the seduction scene.

Same time you're thinking
                "I can't seriously distress her."

Pushing the door, I'm all mechanical flutters for your masochistic stutters.
You turn slowly, smiling.
      You're smiling.. but there are tears in your eyes.
How was I to know that you could still get to me?
You stitch my lips shut so my jaw won't drop.
No "are you ready's".
It's just unstitch and no promises.
                      Dropping breaths and picking up you
                                 "Hey Black Lungs"
                      take your last drag on your cigarette.
       "We're playing with fire sweetheart"
       "Save regrets for later"
My blood heats but my veins are filled to capacity with misery.
Because I know there's nothing to it.
I'm so busy playing despondent that I cant figure out that you're just as attached as I am.
                   what happens when you feel sorry for yourself?
I'm composed of missed details.
Leaving me thinking
                                         "You're picking my heartbeats apart
                                          killing me like its some kind of science."
                                          When you're really killing yourself too.
Well, send the paramedics 'cause
this falling star just hit rock bottom.
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Minus the 'we hate each other' line....this is a lot of something I did yesterday.

Something I probably shouldn't have done, but I'll Save regrets for later

:heart: You're very welcome.

I was wondering if you'd mind me putting up a poem influenced by your style? I'd give you credit, and even link to the poems that inspired me most ^.^
i don't mind at all

Here it is, if you'd like to read it.
Thank you so very much. This inspiration from your work has given me what I think is the best poem I've ever written.
this falling star just hit rock bottom <3
SoundsOfSorrow Nov 18, 2005   Writer
take your last drag on your cigarette.
"We're playing with fire sweetheart"
"Save regrets for later"
so awesomely tied together.

your writing=the shit.
i like this one.

p.s. this is gillian.
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