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Jocelyn by yournotagoodbye Jocelyn :iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 0 0
Story of the Stork
the stork-
the ugly, dirty bird repulsed the little girl
she was ashamed such a monster would deliver her.

as the little girl grew
the stork would rap its beak against her mother's window until the glass gave in and damp, dark feathers would spiral to the floor
mother would frantically pick them up
and flush them down the toilet
thinking maybe it wouldn't be so hard to pretend this never happened
baby can't know how that stork ruins mother's life.
seeing its wings beating wildly in the distance
she screams into the wind
"if you just fly away
we could be happy"
d e a f ,  t h e  s t o r k
she grabbed her gun
and shot that bird out the sky
baby won't ever have to know
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 2 1
"your beliefs have fallen apart and you hold hands with the image of an angel who's wings have been pulled off and fallen out of heaven."
well you have become a paper robot with no force driving you forward and the vulnerability of a child.
and i CAN fly
and i CAN soar
and an angel on earth is still an angel.
an angel without wings is still an angel.
oh prince, play cause and effect with me.
give me the experience and i will give you the cynical princess with her head resting on the window of her castle.
growing up is only difficult when you stop to breathe.
you inhale the realization that you've changed.
but it all depends on the exhale.
is it a steady acceptance,
or have you gone blue in the face?
and would you ask me for help if you were slipping into the very center of the earth? because i would plant my feet into the ground to help you, and if i couldn't, i would hold your hands under the surface.
there is an up and a down to every situation, a wrong and a right, a yes and
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 6 22
Contemporary Girl
a girl stood on the street corner clutching a red balloon and an old, beat-up suitcase.
she was looking off into the distance, above the people and the skyscrapers and the look of determination on her face was so resolute that noone bothered telling her to get out of the way or that she was holding up sidewalk traffic or anything.
she was vivacious, religious, and ready to take on the world.
the dazzling city lights,
the dreary trash- covered streets,
she loved it.
people at work would ask her if she was thinking about ever going home.
she would reply "Home? like with Jesus Christ, my family, and anyone else I love ? I suppose I will go to Heaven whenever God decides that I've been out here away from home for much too long."
they would shake their heads in amazement and try to stop the jolt of sympathy they felt
while she managed a smile.
on the outside she was confidence, beauty, and building a very steady staircase upwards.
on the inside she was empty, excluding prayers and dreams.
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 12 35
she said.
"you make life beautiful
and loving you is living it in the best way,
it's timeless."
His smile radiates complete happiness as he pulls her into his arms.
"It's like it's always been like this, will be this way forever,"
he breathes in her hair.
They were classic.
Then he met Heroine.
The type that doesn't save people
and he as good as yelled
"Forever is over."
Days, weeks, months, passed and she stayed awake for lonely nights.
One day at dinner she attempted a watery smile
                  [to wash out a dry conversation]
       "Hey boy, I dance on water."
His face remained calm as he muttered
                     "Hey girlie, I swim in skirts"
Suddenly, she stood up and crossed the room in one quick move.
She opened the curtains to a spacious meadow where the ground was wet and the sky hung low with dark clouds.
He walked past her cautiously and pressed his face against the glass to see a woman standing on a small ladder.
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 19 38
They said you were like a fish-
spending your life in the depths only to resurface in a world you couldn't breathe in.
And I always thought
you were a wonderful prelude
to a damning life.
Now cover girl, you don't cover up anything.
Your makeup does not hide your flaws as you walk to the ocean and drown yourself.
The beach is your last runway, the lightening your last flash.
You yelled          "Call this one 'Hollywood'"       over your shoulder.
[He told me you do not know how to swim.]
"He's so handsome."
Yeah. He can't keep his hands off other girls and then some.
The boy took away the air you couldn't afford to lose.
He stomped on your lungs when you overheard him-
"She is the balloons that touch the ceiling at a birthday party.
After a few days you will want to throw her away."
Your smile crashed in the same way that the waves do.
You pulled yourself back and felt your
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 23 45
Downhill. Lose your Drive.
i met him today.
i met you today-
the boy that will change my life.
my feet sink in this blindingly white carpet.
there is a trail of yellow flower petals winding it's way across the floor.
i would follow it, but i'm not sure what's at the end.
i throw away my nerves and thoughts and slowly step along the  path.
it's you: you're the end.
I lay in the dark and wait for the part that you sing to me. When I called you my little songbird, you grinned boyishly and gave me a half hearted shove that caused me to laugh until I fell to the floor, holding my sides. You held my hands like we were playing london bridge and told me that this was  f o r e v e r .
You pushed me into the pool, but I held your sleeve, causing you to tumble in after me. We laughed and tried to keep our heads above the surface. [You cannot float when you are dragging eachother down.] We floated perfectly.
I don'
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 21 51
ery,miss society.
She lies in a field of wild flowers with her eyes closed.
The sun hits every angle of her face and what society would call "weeds".
                 This is the most glamourous that she has ever felt.
In the distance she can hear the construction; more "sky scrapers" being built every second, slowly closing in on this meadow.
She sings "Cloudy morning, my own early bird will save me."
A shadow falls across her face and a voice says "hey familiar".
She looks up at a brilliant smile that doesn't quite reach the eyes of the boy staring down at her.
tie, suit, the boy she couldn't sweat out.
White dress, composed, the golden sky enhanced her pain-filled eyes.
The buildings were coming up closer and closer now.
She would not move, taking a stand on her beliefs.
The boy turned away and his tears fell to the green grass.
The ground started shaking.
He walked to a safe spot as society stepped on what she would call
                                 "beauty of the best ty
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 9 26
scene in an airplane
Clouds are touching the circle-shaped windows that are placed next to every seat.
Sunlight breaking through and tapping on the glass.
50,000 feet.
Discursive and nervous I ask the man next to me if we can go down to just 50.
He says No, not without crashing.
I tell the man that the birds are making me nervous;
they're too loud.
He says Don't worry, the sky is getting dark.
I ask
Can we really fly through storms?
He says "nothing".
Rain starts to fall, why is my face getting wet?
He says Calm down, do something to make you calm down.
I stand and move to the aisle
and I'm dancing, fingers brushing the luggage rack.
As the thunder increases in sound and the lightning comes at shorter intervals,
I get faster.
Rain coats my eyelashes.
Hair is dripping wet.
My feet don't touch the ground.
I collapse in my seat as the sun returns.
He tells me I am a storm.
I say
The birds are too loud
but sometimes I cry when they are quiet.
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 10 28
I remember staring at the cracks, looking for where the rain falls through.
Those yellow walls seemed to stifle me
when my father called and told me he was sorry
And he loved me.
Tears threated my eyes with that beautiful commodity.
              (No one knows the semantics behind "I love you")
I stared at the sky until the stars behind my eyes collided.
Thinking "This will never be something that keeps me awake."
                        (From then on, everything kept me awake.)
                                   The bird on my window said
                              "Hello, my wings do not work."
I pushed him off and learned how to deal with grief.
                                   A lady walked in and confided
                              "Hello, I do not feel like breathing."
I walked her to the ocean, finding out that a ship wreck has its afterglow.
                                       And walked back Home alone.
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 37 73
Wrong Side of Paradise
I am gripping balloons in an elevator.
Dropping  d e g r e e   b y   d e g r e e .
My stomach is full of butterflies that are trying to claw their way out my throat.
              ("Oh forecaster, I will catch the wind.")
Silence pounds in my ears as I grab your hand and watch as it turns white under pressure.
                                    We hit pacific heights.
                                    Water flooded in from all sides.
                It is rising past my heels, up my legs, to the fringe of my dress.
    Lights flicker out and my erratic breathing confuses my lungs to the point of giving up.
                It will be okay.
                Lying through gorgeous white teeth.
          This depth of water is over our heads.
                      Swim. Float. Hold your breath.
My eyes go wide as you push me away.
                                   push away the ghost of a chance.
            "You'll get over this, Princess."
You broke
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 12 33
                    You've got miles to go until you get to me.
                    You've got miles to go until you  sink this low .

                                 "I want you to hit rock bottom"
                          My pearly whites cracked on impact.
A little girl tugged on my dress and said "that boy doesnt love you"
         I squinted up at the sky and said on a sigh "I believe you're right."
To my surprise she had tears painting her face.
             "Don't give up. You dont care about something until you've lost it."
When my eyes refocused she was gone.
                           I sat down on a bench and on my left saw a sign that said
"Welcome to rock bottom. Rain's always falling, tears are always on the brink of our eyelids."""
                              Calm down.
                              I can't g
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 25 44
The boys' and girls' bare feet were sinking in the green grass and sunlight backlit their shapes against the sky.
She twirled towards him, still wearing the delicate white dress she had worn on stage minutes ago.
                        "You missed it. I was beautiful."
           "What are you talking about? You are beautiful."
Lights danced in her eyes and she laughed softly.
                     "Bet you can't catch me."
He grabbed her hand and said "I've already got you."
               "Not for long" she teased.
                                He pulled her closer and whispered
                                                       "Oh Dollface, I have you forever."
               He kissed her.
Their eyes were both closed and the boy figured he was in love.
The girl smiled against his lips and felt lucky to have caught
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 28 51
I Saw Stars
"Reach for the stars" you said.
I stood on tip toe and felt the air close in on me.
I was reaching for oxygen as much as stars.
My eyes and my lungs needed more than I could get.
You sit on the moon, swinging your feet, laughing.
Tears fall from my eyes and you yell down at me
"If you were at the height I am, you could pass that off for rain."
I ran inside the abandoned building that used to be "home".
The peeling paint chipped and when I looked, it was under my fingernails.
I scrapped my way to the room at the very top.
I looked up at the small lightbulb and watched it flicker out.
The window was missing too, a tree branch reaching into the room.
I let it take me and knew it was time to end everything.
It set me down on the moon and I landed facedown, lifeless.
 You walked over and kicked me in the ribs.
"Get up. Reach for the stars. Hurry up, your time's almost up."
You held my hand and helped me up but when I got to my feet you let go and my knees unhinged.
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 29 56
I was thinking you make me feel things that I couldn't buy with a million bucks.
You crash my train of thought with
"Let's never talk about this or bring it up again."
"Okay. I agree."
I cant figure out what lies even mean anymore.
All I know is my eyes sting and my throat isn't working very well.
I manage a small wave and walk away as fast as I can without actually
               b r e a k i n g  i n t o  a  r u n .
Tonight I'll take pills and fall asleep with the t.v. on.
You called after me "Darling, we'll be seeing eachother soon."
I love you. And I'll never look you in the eyes again.
                       I woke up on the upstairs floor.
                            And took the elevator to the clouds.
              Your sky blue eyes dont seem so deep up here.
                   as they did when we were at the bottom of
                              the ocean and every breath
                                   I dragged in made
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 35 60
Next Exit 30 Miles
On the sidewalk, out of breath.
                                            The boy held out his hand, she tried not to take it.
                                            The girl held out her heart, the boy wouldn't break it.
                                                     The little stuttering kids were in love.
                                                                   liar liar, wrap her in piano wire
They were just out</i> of it.
She ran into the cathedral to cure her broken heart.
He walked in ready to tear her apart.

                                     (God helped both of them..)
She looked out the window and saw morning.
He glanced at her and saw she was crying, clutching her chest.
The boy was two steps away from asking her if she was having difficulty breathing when he heard her whispering
:iconyournotagoodbye:yournotagoodbye 23 37

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She was dressed to kill, draped in bad intentions
Dressed to undress, wrapped in clinging temptations
So desperately transparent and she's anything but pretentious
Don't you wish you were brave enough to take her for granted?
Or at least bold enough to break stitches and take advantage?
And she tastes like somewhere between sweet and sour
And you want to commit a crime between nibble and devour
You tell her she's a siren but she's so pessimistic
She swears on a crossed heart that Cupid is sadistic
You can pretend to forget she's as fragile as summer
Afraid to take control but even more scared she'll take over
So plant your flag on every goose bump that grazes her skin
Leave your mark with your teeth and let the bruise set in
Even the most evil creatures have secret soft spots
A handful of sheets and a throat full of knots
A foreign scent is crawling all over your favourite affair
That's when you realize, someone else has been there
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Time Of Death: Very Soon
Sorry, I had to delete this deviation due to personal reasons.
Thank you for all your comments, they are very much appreciated!
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